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Written by: Marjorie

This week the movie The Aviator, staring Leonardo Di Caprio, hit theatres, yet with poor ratings. Showing once again, bio's don't make the grade as violence and sex does. But was one movie that Di Caprio really put his entire soul into. Directed my one of Michael's best friends, Martin Scorsese. It's one movie that Michael himself would have loved to have acted in.

Howard Hughes is one of many of Michael's idols. And he hoped that Di Caprio would do the man justice. And believe me he did.

Yet while watching the movie myself, one couldn't help think of Michael too, as I watched how a great man, loved by some, despised by others, resembled slightly the same defeat as Jackson, only in different ways.

Both were  two of the world's greatest people, with great minds and ideals, and both with plans beyond anyone's imagination that were far beyond anyone's imagination.

Michael for his brilliance in the entertainment world, Hughes for Aeronautics. Both suffer to some degree of childhood abuse and share the same thoughts on germ warfare. Other somewhat similarities are the fact that the public considered them weird and have idiosyncrasies. Yet these two powerful men were always  under the microscope, driven to their demise by those who couldn't stand to see them  succeed.

 Hughes mind was far more brilliant than most, he was a man beyond his time, and although he suffered from Compulsive disorder, his successes were rallied for years. His successors couldn't stand to see him succeed and knew of his  paranoia of germs, took advantage of this fact to take him down.

Michael on the other hand, suffered the same collapse, his love for children, was the ultimate weapon his enemies used to take him down, destroying his kingdom. 

Yet unlike Hughes, the strength and fortitude that Jackson has now, will help him see him through the rough road ahead of him. His faith and family and friends, not to mention fans, will see him through his turbulence and be there for him every step of the way. He will not be alone. And we shall see him vindicated as well.

Michael, unlike Hughes, won't let the enemy take him out, instead he will succeed in being on top, maybe not like before, but in a much better way through different avenues that will once again earn the respect once again in the world he once knew and with those he once done business with.