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Moment of Truth

" Don't judge me like I am some criminal, I am totally innocent " Michael Jackson





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This is an e-mail between me and one of my good personal friends after he read one of my MJ poems;

I know why you feel so strongly about this - and I think only God and MJ know the absolute truth of what actually occurred. Even though you feel strongly about this, you and millions of his other fans do not really know him. No one can say for definite if he is guilty or not, and this is where I am at this moment.

In my opinion, people in the public eye have two sides to their personalities - 1 is reserved for the public, and the other private side not many people get too see except those who are really really close (if that is possible).

Who knows - yes he writes great songs/music and is a phenomenal artist but so what. Does this one fact make him an exceptional human being not able to do anything wrong - I don't think so.

I have more admiration for people like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali (especially Mohammed Ali) who have actually stood for what they believe in and you could argue have changed the course of history.

To be an exceptional human being you do not need to be wealthy, or a great actor or singer or great anything - it all depends on your character and the relationship you have with your creator and your fellow human beings.

This is my response back to him; 

In regards to your personal admiration for incredible human beings such as; Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Mohammed Ali etc. I can understand your respect for them because, it is true that they have changed the course of History and stood by their beliefs but, it is unfortunate that you don't see the heartbeat of music in the song of life or art imitating life through the feelings we emote, as it can be just as prolific and revolutionary, but, just in another form.

Each artist in life has contributed different experiences in life to make them (and the world) into what it is today.

For example; If you look at Picasso's contribution to the artistic world, Sir Isaac Newton's to the scientific world, Michael Jackson's to the music world, Bruce Lee's to the Martial Arts world, Princess Diana's humanitarian work to the world.. None of these arts can be compared, except in the sense that they are all done with intense passion, dedication and effort - with the view to make a change or a bold statement.

Just because some of the other artists I have mentioned do not show their public protests with placards, or public opinion, sometimes the most boldest statement can come from within ones song, or film act. I would not believe you, if you told me that you have NEVER EVER been touched by a film you have seen, which made you think about the world around you for a second, or a song, you may have heard which made you feel a certain emotion...

It is in this same way that Michael Jackson's contribution to the world, has broken all racial hatred and color lines through his love for music. He has united an Indian child in Delhi, with a street hustler in Harlem, a school teacher in Algeria to an aspiring singer in England, through the power of song. So, it is wrong to presume that just because we do not publicly hold banners and placards that we are automatically not doing something productive for the world to make it a better place...

I'll give you a perfect example; in the early 1980's, there was a huge famine in the heart of Africa, which threatened the lives of millions and many music artists came together from all corners of the world and sang a song from which all proceeds were donated to the starving families in the war torn country. That was a random act of kindness in which, the world united through music to make a change..

The same way, Michael Jackson and countless other celebrities do things for others, without expecting anything in return, and they choose not to make a public show of it because they are always portrayed in the media as being carefully created 'publicity' stunts, when in actuality, they are very giving and charitable people also..

What you must understand is that; no man can ever be influenced by the exact same people, so, just as Mohammed Ali could inspire you by preaching his strong beliefs in Islam, the same way a sick child dying in Africa could have the will to fight her illness through the melody of song...Or, the way the 'Salt March' by Gandhi inspired millions around the world to boycott British produce and grow their own, the same way, my poetry, songs and lyrics are written with a view which could influence or change the way a person thinks or feels - all of these are moments which I live for and are to be cherished. That does not mean that just because I do not publicly show the world that I am a charitable or giving person, that I am not. It is just a personal thing to me and not something which I feel the need for everyone to know...we are just the 'silent' revolutionists...the changes may not be physically seen, but felt in the heart and mind of another.

I would be devastated if tomorrow, I became a huge star and you thought that of me. because I know that I do genuinely care for others but, like I stated before; I don't feel the need to boast about it and state all of the people who I have personally affected, because I know that it will be felt in their hearts and souls and will be echoed across the world through my love for poetry, songs, dance etc.

To tell you the truth, I honestly believe that each art in life has it's ultimate goal, between the material, the spiritual, the human and the divine, I believe that each person on earth has a purpose. some search and then they find, others search in endless pursuit and still can't find and then there are the ones who have careered off path and lost their way. never to return.

Every artist in this world has added different elements to History which has touched someone, somewhere in some way. Just because it has not personally affected you, it doesn't mean that it hasn't affected another human being in the deepest and most profound way...

I would like to think that in the future, I have made a difference to someone, someday...

...Love from your little friend - Jenna...


'To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world'