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Look DA Ė Get Out Of His Face


In Peterson case there is no prior

Somebody is a liar

The DA is on fire

With destructive desire

His office leaked out things from 93

Put Michael in serious jeopardy

It is obvious they donít want him free

Now it's backfiring and they're in misery

I mean the man acted like a punk

Went out and talked his junk

I smell a skunk

This was not a test he could flunk

Now heís saying itís not fair for a tabloid show

To give evidence like Geraldo

And Geragos is saying it's about dough

And a vendetta by a hired legal ho

Now everybody knows this is a takedown

And this is a shakedown

Now he's saying don't break sound

Because he is afraid of the breakdown

Public opinion about Michael for ten years

Has been out but who cares

This guy has got legal fears

While we still talk about Michaelís tears


I may not be a perfect guy you know

But I'm not like this legal ho

Why donít you check out my flow?

If you donít like it you can go

Is this a conversation Iíve heard before

And why does Michael need to score?

They have created this sore?

And now want to back off in 2004

Don't want us to talk about you

Is silence what you want us to do?

A book is out about the 93 frame

And it undermines your claim

I donít remember the author's name

But I am in line with her aim

So you wanted international fame

But itís not working out the same

Somebody has peeped your hold card

They see what you got retard

Michael has worked so hard

Are you jealous of some music award?

Do you think he is the music god?

Do you think he dresses too mod?

You should've checked out his heart

Before you tried to tear it apart


I read it on the Internet it might be true

But Iím not privileged to an interview

Fans are talking about what they might do

Iím asking Michael does that bother you?

You may lose a hundred thousand but still have millions

The question is what about the billions?

The government is spending money like it might spend trillions

In Iraq itís already way up in the billions

The peace you wanted to bring

Wasn't going to cost anything

Except listening to you sing

Or seeing you when you swing

Now this SOB from SB

Donít want you to speak freely

Because his version isn't on TV

Before he enjoyed the fantasy

He was riding on the high tide

Things sliding the way he wanted them to slide

Why does a man cripple himself over pride

And wind up on some punk ass ride?

Like he don't know whatís going on there

It's obvious he doesn't care

The 93 smut he let his office share

Now Michaelís lawyer canít comment anywhere?


DA -- get out of his face

You know you shouldíve dropped this case

DA -- get out of his face

You know you shouldíve dropped this case

Your facts donít have a base

This is just an extortion case

DA -- get out of his face

You know you shouldíve dropped this case