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Michael's Poetry Room

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Tell Him The Truth



If they crucify you what will that solve?

How the hell will we evolve?

This is something that you must resolve

How can we not be involved?

We are already committed

Look how youíve benefited

You have got to get it

And then you have got to live wití it

Thereís no exception to this rule

And I know you are super cool

But youíve been acting like mule

They will use you like a fool

Every high priced attorney

You got -- is taking your money

Your enemies set back and think itís funny

And screw you like Playboy Bunny

Will your attorney tell you to stop?

Well he is not a cop

Youíre the King of Pop

Heís got to make a living thatís not an opt

And he will represent you

Thatís what they want you to do

Spend your money on legal juju

Do you believe in voodoo too?

People around you wonít talk

And they let you do that walk

While those who hate you outlined you in chalk

Let you pitch but you canít balk

In the back room they say youíre a genius

But they asked if youíre from Venus

And all they talk about is your penis

And the talk is awful it is the meanest


And they will come and hang you up

They donít care if the cops bang you up

Do you think they will help you up?

Thereís a tree and they will step you up

What do they care about your neck?

If you gonna do this sign the check?

Walk out there and stand erect

Youíre just another Media project

Everybodyís making money off you but you

Meanwhile you tell them that itís not true

And you tell them that thatís not you

And they say okay but they have plans to screw you too

One false move and youíre through

One false move and youíre dodo

Thatís what they really think of you

While we wait and we boohoo

Itís time that you really thought of us

Regardless of all this fuss

We have given you our trust

And thatís very scared to us

When you get hurt we get hurt too

And we try to stand in front of you

To take as many blows as we need to

Because we want to protect and savor you

No doubt you are special to us

But you are waiting on a prison bus

And that is just not good for us

Though among ourselves we fuss

We are always there to back you

If and whenever they attack you

You can count on us to come through

But we need you to handle this too


Weíre not telling you how to run your business not that

But you know we love you Cat

And if you love us handle that

Before they slam you and you canít get up off the mat

I find myself constantly apologizing

As though you are not recognizing

That this is not enterprising

And it is very demoralizing

Not just to you but to us too

We would go to war for you

And some have already done so in my view

And theyíre more than just a few

From Asia and Europe theyíre in it for the long run

And in Africa they get up with the morning sun

And they count their blessings each and everyone

And they thank God for you when theyíre done

This is the mark that youíre making

The world could be yours for the taking

So why are our hearts all aching?

Could it be that youíre mistaking?

Not that you have ever committed a crime

But we can't be here every time

To help you deal with this slime

The light we're under is not lime

But we go out against prediction

And we forge ourselves with conviction

And we withstand the affliction

Because you are our addiction

So what we ask is from the heart

And we ask you not to tear our apart

We ask you to consider making a new start

Because we know our love is in your heart


If we love him weíve got to tell him the truth

Stay away from this kind of youth

If we love him weíve got to tell him the truth

Stay away from this kind of youth

If you donít want the abuse

You have got to cut this thing loose

If we love him weíve got to tell him the truth

Stay away from this kind of youth