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Michael's Poetry Room

The poetry I have chosen for this page will show support only. My style of writing is a bit different from what your use to in Literature.  This is what I do for for a living. So read, try to understand and let me know too what you think. It helps to me to be inspired.

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Written by: James Gibbs


 Fear Of The Michael Sphere

The world belongs to us now oh yes we know
Thanks to the power of the Internet he doesn't have to go
Against the tabloid monsters and creep TV alone
They almost destroyed him but that fear should be gone
Uniquely beautiful he shines in our imagination
He has become our first thought's destination
We love him and we feel his frustration
Against the life and light stealing forces of abomination
That prints their dirt in black and white
They believe that because they can it makes them right
But it makes us who believe in him uptight
That they would dare come out in the open against his might
But he's a quiet and kind off stage man
Who only raises his voice when he sings with his band
Our enchantment they don't understand
How could they you've got to be a fan
Archangel Michael once cast the devil out
Our Michael is no archangel but there's no doubt
He too has the power to cast evil out
Every fan in the world knows what I'm talking about
Whether he will go against these monsters I don't know
He seems content just to give us a show
But me myself yes I'm ready to go
I get so angry about it that sometimes my blood won't flow
Why do they continue to do this?
All he ever offered was a song and a kiss
Are they afraid that the world may become his?
Afraid they'll have no place where love is bliss