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Support and Opinions


Michael is once again placed under scrutiny by those who love to write stories about him. Now he's part of a curriculum at colleges to be further dissected as to what makes this guy tick.

Controversial writings and slanderous name calling, books written to gratify one's own guilty conscious, is over the top when it comes down to Michael's personal life. He's human just like you and I. Why do you have to scrutinize his every move, why do you have call him a monster, what are you really afraid of?

You cannot stand to see this young man become the icon, the legend he has, let alone stand the fact that it was an African American young man, who rose to the top with  hard work and sweat.

Instead of looking at this young manl for the good he's done, his accomplishments, what he gave of himself, and at what sacrifices he made to do it, you rather overlooked it and instead view him as tarnished.

His image, one you feel is fraudulent, because he's white, won't accept his condition, vitiligo as part of that change, crucify him for his plastic surgeries, as if he was the only one whose ever done it. Knowing full well all of Hollywood has nipped and tucked themselves in order to remain in the business. Yet it's Michael Jackson who gets ragged on for his own surgeries and questioned why...why does he need them...who is he trying to be?

Instead of trying to figure out what the guy is all about, can't you look past this, and accept him for the person he is "NOW!" And will always be, the human being first, with emotions and feelings, and second one of the greatest entertainers this world has ever seen.

He is innocent, even the DA knows this is true, yet is blinded by his voracity. He won't retire until he crucifies Jackson to the fullest.  His case is pathetic and has no basis. The DA has done scrupulous actions which go beyond the call of duty of a DA and has interfered with the rights of Jackson.

Will Michael receive a fair trial is anyone's guess? With  leaks, books and recently and Eminem's video. Could this  possible influence the mind of a jury? Possible yet no one really knows.

It's unfair what is happening in this case. The DA is wrong with his procedures, yet the judge refuses to recognize it, instead turns a blind eye. Is he siding in with Sneddon? It appears this way, will he take him out, and put in a state attorney, I seriously doubt it.

All we can do is pray that Michael will make it through this ordeal, strong, wiser than ever and be vindicated of all this forever.  He's innocent, we all know this, yet again, we must put the innocen lamb before his captures, as hard as it may be, for them to decide which way this goes.

Only God knows for sure.