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Janet Jackson

My love for you runs deep girl !










Iím Sorry I didnít see it Janet


Written by: James Gibb

She can only apologize

Even though my old eyes

Didnít detect the surprise

That others realized

Which angers me

That I did not see

This black beauty

Exposed on TV

So it couldnít have been

As bad as others pretend

Angry because they canít amend

This lesser sin

That they seem to be

Grossed out from oh me

Remember I did not see

It on my TV

What is wrong with me?

Is my mind too free?

I was listening to the groove

And watch her move

I didnít detect anything rude

So I donít have an attitude

As far as children go

Do you think they know?

Remember I saw the show

And didnít see although

I really wish I had

I wouldnít now feel so bad

Now that the FCC

Is involved which bothers me

Is it because it was JJ?

That the critics feel this way

Or is it her relationship to MJ

Thatís choking them today?

She is very attractive

I think they are all over reactive

Because a white man

Placed his hand

In this land

On a beautiful black woman

On international TV

Where it wasnít suppose to be

Allowing eyes to see

With the exception of me

Her lovely breast

Now they all protest

That it wasnít in the interest

Of children but my guess

Is that they probably

Didnít see anymore than me



Confused Loyalties


Written by: James Gibb

When I look at Janet I can only see love

Is it sexual? Well sheís a very pretty girl

Down on my knees Iím calling on the Lord above

Because a woman like that can rock your world

Iím saying sweet Jesus help me please

Iím going through changes that I donít understand

Please come and set my mind at ease

Iíve fallen for the prettiest woman in the land

Lord I know I can never have her

She wouldnít be interested in someone like me

For a long time I have supported her brother

Who is again in trouble you see

He didnít read the warnings I wrote

I had to send him my book from overseas

But right now I want you to note

That he is not the reason Iím on my knees

I think you remember I prayed for him last night

I want to talk about his beautiful sister now

I know she doesnít intend to well all right

You see I have taken this special vow

That I would support him but Iíve fell for her

I donít know which one they both are wonderful sweet Jesus

I really donít know which one I prefer

But I would change in a heartbeat if she would fuss

She loves her brother and would never do that

And thatís my dilemma you understand

I canít love both how can I do that?

They are quite different he lives in Neverland

And I heard sheís been seeing this Timberlake

And heís a much younger, richer man than me

So I really shouldnít be on the make

I mean I know she would never consider me

Anyway I canít leave her brother

Not until we have seen the end of this trouble

And they do confided in each other

I feel like Iím digging in a pile of rubble

Looking for a survivor who happens to be me

Oh God how did I get lost in this fantasy

I heard they removed her name from the Grammy

Which makes me ask how can that be?

Itís over something that happened at the Super Bowl

When doing a stunt this Timberlake exposed her breast

My God Lord hearing about it made me lose control

And some nights lately Iíve been losing rest

And I havenít heard anyone discredit him

I think itís all because she is Michaelís sister

And you know they are all down on him

We really donít need another blister

There is already enough wounds running pus

And what about what Madonna did to Britney Spears

Yes she did it right in front of all of us

They are not talking about that so I have fears

I believe this judgment is unfair

Somebody wants to bring their family down

Iím choking on the foul air

And Lord Iím not messing around

I'm telling you the truth

I care about them both a lot

But since this new thing about that youth

Well you can see the dilemma I got


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